Ashish Guglani

Best decision I have ever made. The trainer is excellent and well versed in all that he teach. Jitender always take the time to help you understand the most complex aspects of the study material, he caters to all types of learner and which way of learning works best for them.

Sumit Gulati

I did my course back in 2017 but I learned so many valuable skills to be able to smash my fitness journey and be successful! Jitender is an amazing tutor who really listens to his students and he is super patient and kind! He took time out of his day to have meetings with me even a year after I finished the course to help me with any questions I was stuck on so I will also be incredibly grateful for that. I had so much fun learning here.


Hands down the best personal training course! The course content was well structured, comprehensive and interesting, with a good mix of theory and practical work. My tutor was Jitender; who is in my opinion one of the finest coaches and mentors you’ll ever meet. He is a knowledgeable, experienced straight shooter who will go the extra mile for his students. 


Such a GREAT trainerto be involved with! I love how authentic Jitender is. Highly recommend! Jitender is also such a great tutor and friend, so you’re definitely getting your moneys worth here!


“I tried countless ways of losing weight and had no results. This gym’s personal training Programme was the only method with a holistic approach that solved my weight loss and chronic health problems in a safe and sustainable way.


I would like to commend on Jitender Sir for pushing me hard to tranform me at this extent and  assisting with me on my workout routine and introducing new diet plans and workout regime. They are extremely effective , changed my life and fitness level he is very understanding and friendly . highly recommonded .. thank you sir

“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.” —Jerry Rice